Sales promotion (packaging material container)

Treat the wrapping materials such as SP tools for the distribution business circles.

Wrapping paper of water-based flexo print

It is the first wrapping paper in Japan to print the colour on thin paper of 14g by water-based flexo primt (rubber plate) environment friendly print.

About water-based flexo print
Flexo printing corresponds flexibly to the paper not smoothly (carton box, cardboard) , film, cloth and nonwoven fabric and it high print reproducibility is demonstrated by the polychrome (8 colours) for the thin material with retractility and uneven films.
It defends "person" and "earth" from enviromental pollution and destruction. Flexo clears the standard of the PRTR method in the fabrication enviroment.

New item

  • Heart box
  • Colorful box
  • Frog box
  • Oval box