The traditional beauty of Japan with handmade warmth

YUSANBAKO Ornamental box of Awa Japanese paper with it is distinctive atmosphere.

About the AWAGAMI

Awa Japanese paper with distinctive atmosphere.
About 1300years ago, The record of the people's who were serving the court of Inbe family planting hemp and broussonetia, then having manufactured paper and the cloth actively is seen in the book on the ninth century, that's the history of the Awa Japanese paper sttarts.
The technology is told by worshiping Amenohiwashinomikoto who is the founder of the Inbe family as a god of paper, and it has arrived now since then.

YAMABUN as Japanese paper workman

Pride as specialist

Our company that left as a Japanese paper workman has pride as the wrapping materials specialist by all members of the staff, and always tries to raise the level of the technology.
We will strain to "handmade warmth" and "Technique", and offer the commodity with a high quality without the compromise.

Handmade warmth and

Nest of boxes of Awa Japanese paper