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FSC Certification
FSC Certification
·The FSC COC attestation was acquired in January, 2010.
·The FSC attestation is support the management of the forest in the world that consists profitably for appropriateness and the society for the environment, and economically.
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organization of non-independence and non-profit-making government based on Bonn City in Germany.
We introduced "The FSC attestation", and it works on the spread and promotion of the FSC attestation product.
ISO9001 certification is acquired.
·ISO9001 certificatoin was acquired in October, 2006
·We always aim the system making to achieve the quality valuing and customer satisfaction.
·scope of application:A design, development, and manufacture of ornamental box and paper box, etc.Manufacture of a corrugated paper case, labeling and packaging materials .

  • JAB Accreditation R009

  • IQNet